Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Review in Summer Reading List for MPs

My Member of Parliament, the Rt Hon Keith Simpson MP, has just sent me the Summer Reading List he puts together for his fellow MPs (you can see it here). It includes a good mention of my book and not only that but it features on the same page as John Harris’ ‘Covenant with Death'. That really is quite something given that I rate that to be one of the best books about the First World War that I have read.  It had an enormous impact on me when I read it in my teens (a very long time ago!), and was indirectly an inspiration for my project.

I've also just had the best review I could wish for from one of my customers on Amazon (though it's in the reviews section for my customer service rather than for my book):

"Deeply moving accounts of each man given in such a way that the reader recognises that the accounts speak for every man and his family involved with war. A book, in my opinion, which should be studied by every child at some point in their school life." 

I hope that I find a way to make that happen - and in the meantime my book is available from (whether it's ordered there or on Amazon, I end up organising the dispatch - though it’s cheaper to buy through my website and then I don’t end up losing such a chunk to Amazon).

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